MHSR  will not be sending out packets to contestants, you are responsible for downloading the forms from this website and sending them to Bailey Conner. Also you should plan to complete your packet and send to Bailey  by September 3rd. If you do not send packets in ahead of time you will be subject to a $50 processing fee as well as stand in line MUCH longer.
Becoming a member of the Missouri High School Rodeo takes a little time and effort on both the contestant and the parents. 

Please send your packets to Bailey Conner by September 3, 2016

Bailey Conner, MHSR State Secretary
21048 Saline 127 Hwy
Malta Bend, MO 65339
Phone: 660-631-9578


Download and print your forms from the list on the right-hand side of this page. Once downloaded you can type in your information before printing, then have notarized and sign everything.

Grade Cards

Any potential member must submit a copy of his/her final grades for the 2015-2016 school year. It should be an original copy of the transcript or grade report, which must be obtained from the school counselor or principal. PACKETS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED UNTIL GRADE CARDS ARE RECEIVED!

To be eligible to compete in Missouri High School Rodeo, you must have passed at least four subject areas on your most recent report card. Your grade card will be kept on file with your other paper work.


Student/Parent Mandatory Meetings: From time to time it will be necessary for us to hold a Mandatory Student/Parent Meeting once our new schedule has started. Information regarding these meetings, (place and times) will be posted on the website and sent thru our list serve the week before the rodeo. So be sure to keep up on your e-mails.


Dress Code and Back Number

As stated in rule #11 in our MHSR Ground rules, Dress Code: Contestants, whether competing or not, will wear western attire (as stated in the rule book) in the spectator area until any High School or Jr High Division performance, including Cutting and the queen contest, has ended. In addition, official dress is required at mandatory meetings within the arena area. Also parent volunteers, who help out in the arena area are expected to wear official dress. Official dress consists of: cowboy hat, boots, long-sleeve collared shirt, and jeans. Once students have been assigned back numbers, the numbers become part of your official dress as well. Back numbers are to be worn by students throughout the weekend, even when not in official dress, other that when you are swimming, bathing, or sleeping. Failure to follow dress code can result in disqualification.


Newsletters and Updates

To receive your copy of schedule updates or any other news sign up for our email newsletter  and subscribe to the News email list.

CHECKLIST FOR MEMBERSHIP- Bring to your first rodeo. All items on the checklist must be submitted to the State Secretary by the first rodeo in order to participate!! This will strictly be enforced this year, if you do not have the proper paperwork completed your child will NOT compete.

  1. Completed National form- Notarized
  2. Completed MHSR Authorization for Rodeos and Approved Activities Form- Notarized
  3. Grade Card
  4. $180 for HS or $125 for JR High – Membership Fee
  5. Bio Sketch
  6. Privacy Release
  7. Birth Certificate if not already on file
  8. $400 sponsorship money for High School(1/2 due at first fall rodeo, 1/2 due at first spring rodeo) and $100 for Junior High (Due at first spring rodeo/SUBJECT TO CHANGE)
  10. Signed Ground Rules Affidavit

Questions- Call Bailey Conner

Entries: Call into Barb Laughlin 573.578.6490 Monday 5-9pm or email before 12pm (noon) Monday to Draw outs are Tuesdays for 5-9pm. Call backs are Thursday from 5-9pm.

Fees:HSFees are $60 per event for two days, with an option to enter for one day at $47. JR fees are $55 per event for two days and $42 for one.

Payback: Payback is based on the number of entries in the event. Payback details are listed in the Ground Rules.

The Board has gone to great lengths to revise our Ground Rules and Bylaws. You will find a copy of both these documents available thru our web site at It is very important for each contestant to print off a copy of each document and become very familiar with both. National Rule Books will also be handed out at the first rodeo.