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Missouri High School Rodeo, Inc.


Scholarship Program for College Bound Seniors


 Missouri High School Rodeo Scholarship

Missouri High School Rodeo (MHSR) awards annually two $250 scholarships: one to a senior boy and the other to a girl senior. Applicants are judged by our MHSR Scholarship Committee. Applicants will be judged on a combination of these factors weighted in the following order: scholastic grades and achievements, leadership demonstrated during their MHSR career, rodeo accomplishments and other extracurricular activities. Scholarships will be announced at the State Finals during the senior recognition ceremony held concurrent with the Friday evening performance.

Instead of utilizing our own scholarship application, MHSR will be using the National High School Rodeo Foundation’s (NHSRF) scholarship application form. Interested seniors may download the NHSRF scholarship application at . Please note you must attach an official high school transcript to your application showing your cumulative GPA and class rank. MHSR is requiring additional information to supplement the NHSRF application. The additional information is:

  • Attach to your application a typed essay with a minimum of 250 words describing how your MHSR experience helped shape your character and prepare you for your post high school educational experience.

For the MHSR scholarship, you are not required to attach the hand-written essay required by the NHSRF application. There are no interviews for the MHSR Scholarships. You are not required to obtain the Missouri National Director’s signature for the MHSR scholarship but you will need the signature if you submit the same application to the NHSRF.

 You must submit an original plus two copies of the complete application, including the required transcript and essay, to _______________, the 2015-2016 Scholarship Committee Chair. Scholarships applications MUST BE POST MARKED NO LATER THAN MAY __, 2017. No exceptions. Mail to:   



National High School Rodeo Foundation Scholarships

Seniors who qualify for Missouri’s National Team and attend Nationals in Rock Springs, Wyoming are eligible for National High School Rodeo Foundation (NHSRF) scholarships. Missouri Seniors attending Nationals are eligible for a scholarship sponsored by the MHSR and NHSRF. To be eligible, you must submit the NHSRF application in accordance with the instructions found on NHSRF web site. The National application and instructions may be found on the web site: Even if you did not submit an application for the MHSR scholarship, you may submit an application to the NHSRF.

At Nationals, you must timely submit your application and go through the interview process. For applicants who follow the NHSRF process, the top three applicants receive a $500 scholarship paid for my NHSRF. Presently, Missouri has joined with the NHSRF to offer additional $500 scholarships ($250 paid by NHSRF and a matching $250 from MHSR) to all other senior applicants from Missouri (ranking 4th, 5th, etc.). If the applicant participants in the interview, meets all other requirements and is not disciplined during the rodeo, all applicants should receive the $500 scholarship. In addition to these $500 scholarships, be aware that other scholarships are awarded for those entering college in specifically designated areas of study. These special scholarships range in amounts of $1,000 to $5,000 each.

Note, the NHSRF scholarship application must be signed by the Missouri’s National director, Doug Alden. If you submitted this application to MHSR, and you qualify for Nationals, Mr. Alden will sign your application. The Scholarship Committee will return a signed copy of your application to you during State finals so you can submit it at Nationals. Remember to complete the hand-written essay required by the NHSRF application. If for some reason Mr. Alden is not available during State Finals to sign your National application, it is not returned to you or you lose it, you may complete a new application and have Mr. Alden sign your application when you arrive at Nationals.

Remember, your National application requires your NHS Finals back number, your transcript, etc. and you must hand-deliver the application to the NHSRF office once you arrive at Rock Springs. The Foundation office will post an interview schedule. It is your responsibility to go through the interview process. Scholarship winners will be posted at the Foundation office near the end of the week.